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Disaster Relief

Immediate Response to Emergencies and Disasters


No one can predict when a major emergency or disaster will strike a populated area, but when it does, assistance is needed now, not tomorrow or next week. And that’s why Cone Zone Equipment Rental is ready to provide immediate assistance with shelters, sleeping cots and blankets, generators, water purification systems, shower and laundry trailers, lighting and much more.  We have equipment which is warehoused and ready for deployment at a moments notice.


When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast, Cone Zone Equipment Rental was there supplying shelters, emergency power, lighting and Shower Trailers.


When the ravishing fires of Southern California struck, Cone Zone Equipment Rental was there providing shelters, lighting, bedding for firefighters as well as water trucks and other equipment.  


We are registered with FEMA, USDA Forest Service, Cal Fire and other government agencies, as well as many disaster relief organizations, first responder organizations and other emergency organizations.


For immediate response and inquiry of available equipment call us at 800 637 2914 or email us at




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